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Re: [] [External] : Jakarta Persistence 3.0 TCK service release to address two TCK challenges

In my experience, the PR Review check-list isn't necessary for this type of update. Just indicate that this change is required due to an accepted test challenge. What I would like to see, though I don't think this is a mandated anywhere, is:

  • The accepted challenge Issue link (in this case, that ought to be in the Persistence issue tracker)
  • Confirmation that someone from the Persistence committer team has reviewed and approved the changes
  • Confirmation that there is a CI that has passed the proposed TCK revision -- even if the changes are just to exclude tests (validation that the TCK isn't DOA, really) -- this would usually be covered by the CCR issue but I don't think that's included in the PR metadata.

-- Ed

On 3/8/2022 7:05 AM, Scott Marlow wrote:


We received two Jakarta Persistence 3.0 TCK challenges that will be addressed by issue 465 [1], pull request 466 [2] and the staged TCK [3].  This will help the Hibernate ORM to create a compatibility certification request for Jakarta Persistence 3.0.

Could someone please review + process the [1][2] requests?  Note that [2] is still being validated.

Thank you,


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