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[] [DISCUSS] Approve the Jakarta TCK package naming convention ee.jakarta.tck.[spec]

> On Jan 13, 2022, at 12:34 PM, Jan Westerkamp <jan.westerkamp@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think first we need to define an official project structure plan of all the Jakarta[ EE] projects/artifacts, including i.e. specs and APIs.
> This need to be a tree, with one root and a hierarchy of nodes having exact defined names. I.e. the root could be "Jakarta" (or Jakarta EE?), and component specs and profiles under it.
> Package names and module identifiers (like Maven Group IDs, Artifact IDs etc.) should, while maintaining tool specific naming conventions, reflect that project structure to support maintainability. I.e. the package name from a stack trace should point to the related Maven Artifact where the package is included.

FYI that some of these decisions have already been made and implemented.  I don't think we published this in HTML form, but here is where we landed on some of the items you mention such as namespace, groupId, artifactId, etc.  The comments don't appear to be visible, but it's from August 2018.


We can/should update that document with any additional additional details such as namespace for future TCKs as well as give it a version and publish it to the website.

As far as enforcing a specific project structure on all the specification projects, that was discussed and the Specification Committee decided to give projects flexibility in that regard.  As long as the spec project produces the right final results, they are free to use any project structure, testing framework, etc.  The final results for the specification are defined in the JESP.  The final results for the TCK are described here:


This doesn't address all your comments, but hopefully provides some useful background.


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