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Re: [] Process for TCK service releases that include TCK updates for running signature tests on newer JDK versions...

Hi Scott,
I think we should pursue an update to the TCK process to allow service releases to fix Signature tests related to newer versions of Java.  Not sure if we have to be that specific, but we do need to allow for these type of updates.  The alternative of ignoring certain tests gets tricky and nebulous since ignored tests may actually have an issue, but we wouldn't know as casual observers.  It would be much better to be clearer and service releases would allow us to be clear.  Thanks!

Kevin Sutter
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From:        "Scott Marlow" <smarlow@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        08/05/2021 08:25
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [] Process for TCK service releases that include TCK updates for running signature tests on newer JDK versions...
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For Jakarta EE Platform 9.1+ supports implementations running TCK compatibility certification tests on JDK versions Java SE 8, Java SE 11+.  In support of running TCK tests on JDK versions greater than SE 11, we expect that some tests will need to be revised (e.g. see jaxb-tck/issues/57 [1] for updating signature tests related to need new signature tooling library and signature map files). 
Last December, we started making changes to the `TCK Process 1.0` that includes the following text [2] which introduces an alternative to excluding (challenged) TCK tests:
`The specification project may approve (user) workarounds for an `accepted` TCK challenge (as alternative to excluding TCK tests).`
My question today is whether the above quoted text is enough to cover Jakarta EE 9.1 compatibility certification requests against Java SE 17 (which will include signature test failures due to jaxb-tck/issues/57 [1])?  If the answer/vote is yes, certain signature test failures can be ignored on newer JDK versions, if and only if the signature test failure is caused by inadequate TCK signature support for the relevant  Java SE (e.g. JDK 17) version.  If the answer/vote is no, we will need an additional TCK process change to specifically allow a SPEC TCK service release that updates signature tests to resolve the signature test failure (e.g. allow [4] to be officially released by Spec team so that implementations can submit certification requests against
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