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Re: [] [jakartaee-spec-project-leads] Specification Documents

Tom, I have the 1.3 version for you.  Can you point me to the IPzilla entry for 1.2 and hopefully I can add it to that.

Tom Jenkinson wrote on 3/10/20 4:25 AM:
Hi Wayne,

The Jakarta Transactions project had the version 1.2 of the Oracle specification contributed via IPzilla, although a 1.3 version exists. It was discussed a bit in this thread:

A legal question; it is fine to use the version 1.2 of the specification as the basis of the conversion but selecting parts of the 1.3 version from or would that pose any legal issues?

Thanks for your input,

On Fri, 17 Jan 2020 at 21:55, Wayne Beaton <wayne.beaton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Greetings folks.

We finally managed to clear all of the specification documents provided to us by our good friends at Oracle.

I have contributed all of them to their projects via IPzilla. I've copied project leads on the CQs; project leads should have all received notification of the creation of the CQs via email. I've updated our tracking board. Committers can see the list of CQs we're using to track the intellectual property due diligence process on these documents here. Committers who want to stay informed of progress can add themselves in CC to a record.

Project teams, please wait until the IP Team grants you "checkin"  before you grab the contents and add it to your Git repository (the IP Team will add the "checkin" keyword to the record; those who are in CC will be copied on the message). Note that "checkin" is only the first part of the IP review process; the CQs will need to be "approved" before the release, so please respond promptly to any questions or concerns expressed by the IP Team.

Side note: I noticed that Jakarta XML Binding has no project lead. We need somebody from that project team to step up. Project leads are the main liaison between the project team and the EMO and first link in the leadership chain, responsible for ensuring that the project team is doing the right sorts of things to be successful and just generally following the rules; it's a role primarily of responsibility, not power.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the process of sorting out the intellectual property issues around these documents.

I'll take this opportunity to remind specification project teams that if you are planning to do more for the Jakarta EE 9 release than is included in the current plan, you need to craft a plan for your project and get ballot approval from the Jakarta EE Specification Committee. Use the to communicate with the specification committee and community as you develop your plan (please do not develop your plan in a vacuum and expect the specification committee to approve it).


Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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