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Re: [] Process for signing final binaries


Have a look at

You will need to log in to look at the configuration (script) details. It looks like they are using scp.

Some additional links that might be useful

Much of the details are written on pages at Eclipse. From the wiki, look up 'common infrastructure.' Probably if you get stuck reach out to one of the web admins. denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has been quite helpful.

Also, if you have specific questions about what the TCK jobs do, you can ask on jakartaee-tck-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx.

-- Ed

On 7/3/2019 1:07 PM, David Blevins wrote:
Ed or anyone, do you have a reference ant script or anything that pushes up the nightly TCK binaries?

The kind of details I'm looking for are really:

 - how are they sent (scp, http post, ftp, ...)
 - what are the hostnames and directory structure
 - what kind of usernames / credentials are we using

If I know the above I can start mocking up some things while we wait for Specification Committee Project to be established.

David Blevins

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