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[] TCK information

Dear Jakartees,

With the upcoming Jakarta EE 8 release, and updated APIs to be released for it, as most of you likely have heard, the TCK for each API is to be run. As the main goal is to check the compatibility of the API for this release, we have provided a few notes about how to do it:

- We have summed up some information about how the TCK can be built (or grabbed pre-built), configured, and run [1].

- This is assumed to be run against a Glassfish with the latest API integrated (replacing the original API in the Glassfish).

- We have created a recording of a presentation of the Jenkins jobs that manage all that [2].

- We have created 3 Jenkins files for pipeline job (as an example for JSON-B TCK) to a) properly set the ts.jte configuration file, b) to grab the API artifact built by a Jenkins build job and integrate it to a Glassfish and c) to grab the pre-built TCK bundle from Eclipse Download, grab the configured ts.jte file, grab the Glassfish with new API integrated, and run the TCK [3].

For the complete information, please allow me to mention the list of the TCK tasks needed to be done before the Jakarta EE release can be finished [4].

Thank you,






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