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Re: [] [jakartaee-ambassadors] Resources for Jakarta EE developers?

Adding the Jakarta EE community mailing list just in case. I think this is already quite good. Obviously we have work to do and update the starter, tutorial, examples, Cargo Tracker, etc.

On 1/30/2023 2:49 AM, Ondro Mihályi wrote:
Hi all, fellow ambassadors,

I plan to write a blog post about where Jakarta EE developers (from beginners to experts) can find useful free resources and sites.

I have some resources on my list but I'd like to ask you to review it and suggest what I'm missing. I'm also considering adding a few high-quality commercial resources I know about, like top Jakarta EE courses, workshops or books, but I'm not sure about that. I'd appreciate your opinion on whether it's a good idea to add them too or not, and hints on what you think are such top-quality commercial/paid resources that everybody should know about.

I have these resources currently on my list:
All the best,
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