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Re: [] [EXTERNAL] Status of Java Help API (JSR-97)

Maybe...the project (right or wrong) used to fall under java ee code base from what I can tell (1) which has since been archived, assumedly because it transitioned here with no plan for Oracle to support it directly.

From a high level, the Java Help documentation (2) indicates

"JavaHelpTM is an online help system specifically tailored to the Java platform. JavaHelp consists of a fully featured, highly extensible specification and an implementation of that specification written entirely in the Java language. JavaHelp enables Java developers to provide online help for: • Applications (both network and stand-alone) • Server based applications • Applets • JavaBean components • Desktops • HTML pages

So except for maybe the "Applet" side of things (which is deprecated/removed in more recent Java), it still seems potentially viable.

I can see how this is one of those grey areas where it could be usable in desktop or online (enterprise) context, kind of like say CDI where it started in enterprise and found favor for use external to enterprise usage..

On Sun, Oct 2, 2022 at 11:16 AM reza_rahman@xxxxxxxxx <reza_rahman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is not a JSR that has ever been targeted or included in Java EE. Indeed in its current form it is targeted to the desktop/Java SE. The right place would be to ask Oracle in the JCP.

If you are proposing it should be re-targeted to Jakarta EE, you can either start fresh here or work with the Eclipse Foundation and Oracle to get it transferred here. Personally I think this would be an odd choice for a Jakarta EE or MicroProfile technology. It’s rightful place remains in the JCP since that’s where Java SE still is.

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [] Status of Java Help API (JSR-97)
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What is the current status of the Java Help API (JSR-97)?

Has it been abandoned?  Is there still value in it?  Are there alternatives for it?
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