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Re: [] [EXTERNAL] Status of Java Help API (JSR-97)

This is not a JSR that has ever been targeted or included in Java EE. Indeed in its current form it is targeted to the desktop/Java SE. The right place would be to ask Oracle in the JCP.

If you are proposing it should be re-targeted to Jakarta EE, you can either start fresh here or work with the Eclipse Foundation and Oracle to get it transferred here. Personally I think this would be an odd choice for a Jakarta EE or MicroProfile technology. It’s rightful place remains in the JCP since that’s where Java SE still is.

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [] Status of Java Help API (JSR-97)
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What is the current status of the Java Help API (JSR-97)?

Has it been abandoned?  Is there still value in it?  Are there alternatives for it?

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