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Re: [] Jakarta EE 10 Deck

Unfortunately PPT and OneDrive does not make this easy.  The only real way is to give everyone edit access, which isn't exactly too reliable.

Please provide feedback here in the form of "On slide X, Y is not accurate - Z would be accurate".

I plan to explain the color coding on slide 8 when I get a chance via speaker notes. The intent of this slide is to map the contents of the Ambassadors' Jakarta EE 10 contributor guide ( to what actually made it into Jakarta EE 10 and what seems committed although it did not make it. You could think of it as a score card of sorts.

The items in dark green are the things that made it into Jakarta EE 10. The items in light green are the things that looks like they are going to happen but just did not make it into Jakarta EE 10. The items in black are important gaps that really have not been addressed yet to my knowledge. I considered putting these items in light red, but I think readability really suffers if I did that. I tried different color schemes but I think this is the best I could figure without complicating the slide any more with animations, etc.

On 6/9/2022 7:19 AM, Rudy De Busscher wrote:
Hi Reza,

How can we provide feedback on some slides?  I can't make some comments, it seems.

For example, slide 8 contains some items that are not in Jakarta EE 10 (and they are also not repeated later on when each spec is covered in more detail)


On Thu, 9 Jun 2022 at 05:38, Reza Rahman <reza_rahman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi folks,

I am beginning to put together my Jakarta EE 10 deck:!AlSoTwbDM7bzgeYG6M4aS_Mi2Pbemg?e=uc6ccj. I have to
be honest that this was very tough as accurate and complete information
on Jakarta EE 10 has been very difficult to come by at the moment.

Can I kindly ask for a review? At this point, 100% accuracy and
completeness is probably not possible but I would like to avoid obvious

Once I have delivered the talk a few times, I will add a heavy amount of
speaker notes, record the talk and make it possible for any Ambassador
to deliver the talk themselves.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Reza Rahman
Jakarta EE Ambassador, Author, Blogger, Speaker

Please note views expressed here are my own as an individual community
member and do not reflect the views of my employer.

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