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Re: [] Jakarta Starter 1.0.0 Released!

@Huseyin I can understand your reaction, but what kind of explicit features would you like to see for Jakarta EE in such an enriched UI? The fact that you only need one Jakarta EE maven dependency to access the whole Jakarta EE platform, kind of lowers the need for such an interface. I agree that in contrast to Quarkus and Spring, where you have component-based frameworks where you need to pick and choose your components.

Hi Edwin,

I approach the subject from the point of view of beginners. Considering those with no have command-line usage experience or habits for project generation, I think it would be helpful to even just offer the ability to download the generated project will increase adoption. Though dependencies other than base JakartaEE dependency will not be presented.

Apart from these, I think that the UI is very important at the most basic level when presenting a tool/technology in terms of reaching users.

I don't want to be a breaker and belittle the hard work but the page is rather primitive compared to its counterparts, has no charm, no allure; sorry :(( 

Sander <accountseclipse@xxxxxxxxxxx>, 8 Nis 2022 Cum, 10:38 tarihinde şunu yazdı:
Edwin Derks wrote (ao):
> @Sander Maven is still the standard way of building Jakarta EE
> applications. I have heard people say that Maven is too "limited" and too
> "rigid" for their applications. I'm genuinely curious as to what kind of
> applications people are developing where Maven as a build tool is
> "limiting". In this context, what features would Gradle bring to the table
> that would improve building Jakarta EE applications?

I'm simply using gradle myself, have nothing against maven (if that is even possible ;-) ).

Having choice is good, and if Jakarta EE supports gradle it would be nice to offer it on the starter page.

[1]OpenLiberty supports gradle which works for me.


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