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Re: [] [EXTERNAL] Help needed: Highlighting Jakarta EE technology in enterprise application development today

Is it fair to characterize the request as looking for real world adoption stories of using Jakarta EE - particularly on the cloud or using cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes, microservices, serverless on premises?

From: <> on behalf of Tanja Obradovic <tanja.obradovic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, March 7, 2022 4:18:57 AM
To: Jakarta EE community discussions <>; <>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] [] Help needed: Highlighting Jakarta EE technology in enterprise application development today

Hello Jakarta EE Community!

we are always on a look out for Jakarta EE use cases with end users - application developers. As many of you are working with customers on the regular bases helping them with developing their  Java enterprise applications, can you please help us raising awareness of Jakarta EE use today?

Here is what I had in mind, can you please write an article highlighting  importance and relevance of Jakarta EE technology in today's, modern - cloud related architectures? We want to showcase how this technology is being used: as the Jakarta EE Platform or Web Profile or any Individual Specification perspective.

We often get question "who uses Jakarta EE in 2022 ?!?", so your article could provide an explanation and a demonstration of relevance of Jakarta EE specifications (and implementations of the specifications) in the new cloud architectures, weather it is serverless, microservices, using Docker / Kubernetes ... and showcase real customer applications that uses Jakarta EE specifications.

Please note we can also help with writing the article; we can work with you or your customer / employer to do so.

Many thanks for your help!

Best Regards,



Tanja Obradovic

Jakarta EE Program Manager | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Twitter: @TanjaEclipse

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Reza Rahman
Jakarta EE Ambassador, Author, Blogger, Speaker

Please note views expressed here are my own as an individual community member and do not reflect the views of my employer.

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