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Re: [] Discussion on moving the JSR107 specification (JCache) to JakartaEE


I think there is important context to be added here. Including JCache into Java/Jakarta EE is a discussion that has been active for a very long time. This is so much so, that it wound up as a key question in the Java EE 8 survey: A consistently large number of Java/Jakarta EE developers have expressed interest in this (almost 70% of developers in the survey - see attached). I think we all know the reasons why it didn't happen in Java EE 8 despite these results.

The primary drivers to include JCache I think remain relevant even today:

* A large number of enterprise applications use the technology to boost performance in mission critical applications.

* The application state cache (HTTP sessions, etc) can be offloaded to JCache implementations in the way runtimes like Open Liberty do today:

* The JPA second level cache can be offloaded to JCache implementations.

* Yes, it's all relevant for microservices and the cloud to reduce network latency in a highly distributed system. This is why we have things Azure Redis Cache:

In addition I think there are the following drivers:

* Bette JCache integration with CDI.

* Bette JCache integration with JTA/JCA.

* Evolving JCache to incorporate reactive concepts (though I would think about standardizing this after seeing how Loom plays out).

Other than the IP and code transfer, I think this is an easy win for Jakarta EE that does not really involve heavy investment. Most of the work I think is basically already done here and there such as by the Payara folks: and the Data Grid JSR.


Reza Rahman
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On 1/19/2022 11:05 AM, 泠 恒谦 wrote:
Hi friends of the community.

In the original github repository for JSR107, , which is related to the javax namespace, the issue  ( )discusses whether The JSR107 (JCache) specification should be migrated to Jakarta EE, I noticed that there doesn't seem to be such a discussion on our mailing list, so I opened this thread.

In the same timeline, in the discussion of possible candidates for the Jakarta EE 10 specification, the relevant link is , there is also a migration discussion for JCache.

I hope some friends will pay attention to this topic, maybe the migration problem is related to Oracle’s legal approval

Finally, I would like to thank Tanja Obradovic for the invitation.

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