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Re: [] Jareto - Java REST Tools

Maybe you might have to speak with the legal team of SVC. Another example of a project that is almost entirely worked on by full time (and usually permanent internal) employees of Red Hat/IBM would be the compatible implementation of Jakarta Validation:, but while it seems to lack file headers in most files, it got a arther strict policy for
And a copyright file in the root folder of the project. You may also require that if it's a sufficient alternative to putting it into every file, but the IP still resides with SVC and not yourself if you are an employee there even if you may have to spread the word in your spare time.


On Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 8:28 AM Nenad Jovanovic <> wrote:

Jareto is an open source project contributed by the company SVC, and I am the SVC developer that actually created it. The current "advertising" is done in my leisure, with opinions being my own (indicated by the non-official e-mail address I am using).

As for the copyright headers: I was hoping that providing the Apache License file in the root directory is sufficient, since I didn't want to bloat all the other files with redundant copyright headers. And in theory, the project might contain file types that don't even support any comments. If this is perceived as a problem, I will fix it soon.

Thanks - Nenad

On 22.03.21 17:37, Werner Keil wrote:

Shouldn't it be SVC (although I know it might be a little tricky with institutions related to a government or ministry) because the namespace and package naming are clearly that of SVC and not a personal "pet project" of Nenad even if he may be driving it there, but if it was his personal playground I don't think he was supposed to use the "" namespace and groupId?

The whole project is missing proper copyright headers in any file btw. That is not uncommon for internal projects behind a corporate firewall, but once you get allowed to share anything on GitHub this should be improved to avoid problems.


On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 5:25 PM Tanja Obradovic <tanja.obradovic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Nenad, All,

it is great to see your interest and involvement in Jakarta EE!

I would like to welcome your work and invite you to join Jakarta REST mailing list and hopefully you will further get involved in development of the specification itself.



On 2021-03-22 2:28 a.m., Nenad Jovanovic wrote:

Thank you all for your quick feedback! Let me address the raised topics one by one:

* Mailing List: Since there seem to be different views even among experienced members, I am replying to the community list for the sake of thread continuity.

* Interface Naming: The "I*" naming convention is rather unusual, indeed. I will add this to the backlog for the next major release.

* Open Source: The decision to publish this little library was not a political one, but simply driven by the hope that contributing it to the community might help other developers as well.

* Specification: I'd be glad if some of the ideas behind Jareto would eventually lead to spec enhancements, even though I am well aware that this cannot be done without appropriate adjustments.

- Nenad

On 21.03.21 19:44, Werner Keil wrote:

The Namespace and naming conventions look rather problematic. I don’t know a single Project or library in the Open Source space that would use ISomething for ist interfaces, that is something used exclusively by Eclipse RCP APIs (though I helped both the SVC and Austrian Home Office but 20 years ago while Nenad was probably in High School or just started University, so I know they’re into that strange Kind of stuff ;-)


It is a little surprising that the Austrian HealthCare authorities allow even this exposure on GitHub, but as there is now a Green Health minister, maybe that changed a few things compared to previous governments.


I agree with Reza, that a few, maybe not all of those items and certainly not without moving both to the Jakarta Namespace and Fixing some oddities, could well be good candidates for spec improvement in a future Version.




Von: Markus KARG
Gesendet: Sonntag, 21. März 2021 19:27
An: Jakarta EE community discussions; jaxrs developer discussions
Betreff: Re: [] Jareto - Java REST Tools


This is simply a use of JAX-RS without any need to adopt it to JAX-RS in common. That's what the API is intended for, simply spoken.




Von: [] Im Auftrag von Reza Rahman
Gesendet: Sonntag, 21. März 2021 19:26
An: jaxrs developer discussions
Cc: Jakarta EE community discussions
Betreff: Re: [] Jareto - Java REST Tools


Looping in the Jakarta REST mailing list. At least on the surface, these look like candidates for specification enhancement. Perhaps it is food for thought?

Reza Rahman
Jakarta EE Ambassador, Author, Blogger, Speaker

Please note views expressed here are my own as an individual community member and do not reflect the views of my employer.

On 3/21/2021 2:08 PM, Werner Keil wrote:

Gesendet: Sonntag, 21. März 2021 18:45

An: Jakarta EE community discussions
Betreff: Re: [] Jareto - Java REST Tools


Hi Nenad,


Thanks for the Information, but maybe next time you might want to use the „jaxrs-dev“ list instead for such a specific tool.





Von: Nenad Jovanovic
Gesendet: Sonntag, 21. März 2021 11:42
Betreff: [] Jareto - Java REST Tools


Dear Jakarta EE Community,


please allow me to present Jareto, a small, open source support library for speeding up the development of REST servers and

clients, based on Jakarta EE and MicroProfile REST Client:


In a nutshell, Jareto mainly provides an opinionated mechanism for transporting Java exceptions over the wire using JSON. The goal

is to save developers the hassle of re-implementing the same exception mappers over and over again.


This library was used for creating green-field services in the context of the Austrian public e-health system, and is active in

production deployments for several months now.


If you...


...don't need it, please excuse the spam mail

..have feedback, I'd be glad to hear it it, a star on GitHub would be very much appreciated ;)


Best Regards,



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Tanja Obradovic

Jakarta EE Program Manager | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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