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Re: [] JNation 2021 CFP Open

This semester I am teaching JSF to be used in the final project for our program. For that reason I have proposed to JNation:

Do Not Confuse Java Server Faces with Servlets and Java Server Pages

It is not about comparing JSF to other frameworks but to present what it can do and why it should be considered for your next project. I’ll probably have to mention the web elephant known as Spring. Spring exists because the first few iterations of Java EE were overly complex. It seems to me that the reputation from the early days of EE is difficult to shed.


An alternate title could be Where is the JSF Love?. If you have a suggestion for a better title let me know.


I’d also like to know if any of you or the company you work for use JSF. Do you or your employer explicitly block JSF development? I’d like to learn why your organization made the decision they did.






From: <> On Behalf Of Otavio Santana
Sent: February 27, 2021 3:38 AM
Subject: [] JNation 2021 CFP Open



Hello, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile community.


The JNation team is excited to announce that the conference is returning in 2021 as an online and completely free event on June 16th:

Our CFP is now open for submissions until the end of March. We will be honored if any of you is interested in speaking at JNation:



Otávio Santana

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