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[] is expanding its community sponsorship program

Hello everyone, I wish everybody a happy new year and you're safe at home. I know that this year has been difficult, especially for those trying to move the community forward.

Because of this, has created a program to help the community and the open source.

We are offering to user groups:


  • Free website hosting (also for any Open Source project)

  • Sponsored Zoom account for group  video meetings

  • swag to give away

  • Sponsored giveaways

And of course we're happy to present for your groups on whatever topic you'd like, or not.

More information is available here:

For a sponsored site, please use the form in the link above.  For anything else (or for a site, too) contact either me (this address) or my colleague Larry Garfield (larry@xxxxxxxxxxx) directly.

Otávio Santana

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