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Re: [] Any Plans for JPMS for Jakarta EE?


I'm not sure if you attended all the JakartaONE live sessions, because JPMS was mentioned quite a bit when I spoke to Ivar before Ed's and Emily's presentation.

We already looked at JPMS in great detail for Jakarta EE 9, check out I was driving this in the Spec Committee especially for every spec that already had a module declaration in Jakarta EE 8 or before.
20 do, either via META-INF or a full module-info. More than 2/3 of all relevant specs, because a few like the "stable" ones are considered "legacy" and don't need to bother doing this if they are frozen and not actively maintained any more.

Of the 10 at most that are missing, CDI and Security, possibly Concurrency Utilities are the only pain points because they are reused by others more than the rest, on the other hand an ongoing discussion about a "CDI Lite" or "Core" module that could hopefully be the foundation of the "Full CDI" shows, there is room for improvement in CDI before declaring modules for it makes more sense.

With CDI not being truly modular yet, you won't find MicroProfile using it a lot, while Spring and Spring Boot do in most of the newer and well-maintained parts. 
Ed mentioned Spring Roo in their talk, but there was also Spring Dynamic Modules using OSGi long before anybody even dreamed of "Jigsaw". 
Jaap Coomans gave a good presentation about JPMS with Spring Boot at Java Global Summit this year.

"There are profiles", well there are two and they are both quite large and monolithic, even the Web Profile. Thus if a "Micro Profile", "Service Profile" or whatever you want to call it should be successful and not yet another profile that's too big and not flexible enough, these profiles need some kind of modularity, and the Java Platform exposes JPMS now, even if OSGi may be superior, but it is a lot less used and maybe the "Betamax" compared to "VHS" for those who still remember video tapes ;-)


On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 12:15 AM Jason Pollard <jpollard91@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,


I was wondering if there are any plans or discussion around JPMS for Jakarta EE? Does it even make sense to use Java modules for Jakarta EE, since we have profiles and many application servers are already small?




Jason Pollard

Illinois, USA

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