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[] [JakartaONE English 2020] Presenters' Slides Delivered

Hola Jakartees, 

While contributing to the JakartaONE Spanish, we created JakartaONE session slides for this community consumption!
Every Jakartee can already download and use the slides. There is no need to wait for the contribution to be processed  :)  

I have asked via the git ticket that the slides ( and similar Jakarta EE slides) be added to the JakartaONE website as a constant under Speakers' Resources. The page doesn't currently exist but must come to life as the event gets this community support. 

Ideally, the slides also get added to the Jakarta EE website as part of the much-needed new page that supports THIS Community with Branding Resources not related solely to JakartaONE events. Still, they contain all other activities such as TechTalks, videos, webinars, etc.
Enabling you, the Speakers & knowledge-facilitators, to communicate information about the Jakarta EE project via sessions, video, webinars, etc., with formal branding slides matters.   Example of what the page could look like: not completed, the page will add MP swag & a few other items currently being tackled. 💪

Congratulations to each of you whose session made the cut enabling YOU to participate in the 2nd JakartaONE English event. 

Note: Please don't forget to send your JakartaONE swag request HERE  from & WG forum conversation. Anyone who contributed to 2020 JakartaONE ought to send his/her ticket with a swag request! 


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