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Re: [] Availability of Jakarta EE 9 within Jelastic PaaS

David, thank you for highlighting the reality. You are right, the world is not a fair place in general. Often the maximum benefits are taken by large and slow companies that can afford a mass brainwashing with large investments in propaganda (so-called PR). Our team will definitely appreciate support and rewards from the community. We stand for diversity and help other smaller companies (local cloud providers) to survive during the cloud hegemony.  

Emily, thank you for asking about OpenLiberty. As I mentioned we love diversity and offer a wide range of software stacks for different programming languages. We have no religion regarding languages, approaches (micro vs mono), color of the logos and even size of the company behind a product. But frankly speaking we put the most efforts in support of Java because there are so many options and combinations compared to other languages. At the same time we can't support 100% of available stacks due to our physical limits (not enough hands in the team and hours in the day). I personally reached the OpenLiberty (OL) team and asked for a tutorial on how to scale from a standalone instance to a cluster as we offer auto-clustering functionality for almost every java runtime container. I was referred to Kubernetes helm chart, so we integrated OL into our K8s package, and now OL has a special place as a default demo option on how to deploy a helm inside K8s. 


It might be changed in the future and OL will be integrated more natively within Jelastic UI in a more efficient way without the need to create a dedicated K8s cluster for being able to run OL clusters in a click. One of the following options should happen: a) we get a relatively large number of requests from our customer base; or b) one of the customers or cloud partners will be able to cover the integration efforts; or c) OL team or community prepares and maintains an auto-clustering package for Jelastic. I hope the provided details clarify why OL was not mentioned in my message.


On Fri, 7 Aug 2020 at 03:09, David Blevins <dblevins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ruslan and Jelastic team,

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for being leaders in the tools/cloud industry in adopting the new jakarta namespace.  We need the entire industry to make the transition and that won't happen if everyone sits and stares at each other waiting for someone else to go first.

I hope people understand 1) the risk to us all if tools/monitoring/cloud vendors do not aggressively support the namespace change and 2) the value to us all when companies like yours decide to lead the way and create market pressure that puts momentum behind the change.

The reality of our industry is that it is usually smaller companies like yours that create change and larger competitors who come later and often reap the biggest benefits.  I hope people decide to make this story different and reward your commitment with their support.

Thank you for being a leader in this industry-wide effort.

David Blevins

On Aug 5, 2020, at 11:12 AM, Ruslan Synytsky <rs@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Jakarta EE Community,

The Jelastic PaaS Team is in the active process of integrating Jakarta EE 9 within our cloud platform. We have updated certified container images with the following software stacks and already made them available for the customers:
GlassFish and Payara updates are coming soon, a set of technical challenges still have to be solved. But we expect to be totally ready at the moment of a full launch during this fall and make the transition for our users as smooth as possible.

Jelastic PaaS provides an easy way to create environments with new Jakarta EE9-based application servers for deep testing and compatibility checks. It’s also possible to redeploy existing containers with old versions to the newest ones for reducing the amount of migration efforts.

In addition, we plan to migrate our internal services to Jakarta EE 9 during Q3-Q4 2020.

Current namespace migration will open the doors to the upcoming Jakarta EE 10 new features, enhancements and other major updates. And Jelastic fast adoption of the changes will make this functionality available for cloud users without long expectations.

Best regards
Ruslan Synytsky
CEO @ Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS

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