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[] [365 fun Jakarta EE Collaboration] via #ossTooling = #ossTracing

Hola Jakartees, 

Ending a busy July, it is my hope that everyone is healthy & thriving!

Thank you Martin (Manager of Web Dev at EF), Chris (WebDev) & Shabna (Jakarta EE Mktg) for adding the access to the Friends of Jakarta zoom call to the Resources page.  :) 

It took 4 people to push this item to the website after last week's 2nd valuable & fun call.  
Closing the ticket/PRs shows friendly-low-bar collaboration with prompt-light-revision-fun within between us, Contributors. 

If you are an onboarding Contributor who has yet to send a message with HI-HOLA to this forum, step in- introduce yourself, ask questions, avoid waiting for the perfect moment to start helping this project.  None will unblock you or push you to start, that choice is yours to make. 

With Jakarta EE 9 around the corner, there is so much that needs ownership. That job is not for anyone to delegate, it is for the #ossDOERs here to own and show how stuff can be done.  

Happy wknd everyone,  


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