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Re: [] [Youtube Content Submission] What comes next

Amazing follow up beautiful #Jakartee Jorge, 

Nope, there is no process or anything setup for the Youtube channel.
It is your job, as that of anyone HERE  watching and active in the terraforming of Jakarta EE, to use the community forum to dream up of the Youtube usage.  Since the Mktg repo is still missing, I recommend that the Community forum gets to be the outlet for such a conversations instead of the WG forum.  The WG forum mailing list continues to be problematic b/c it seems to "be dedicated to the listed" partners under the Jakarta EE website and doesn't state clearly that the Working group is everyone who will stick to migrating to Jakarta EE. that is ANYONE, user and coder alike. 

With that, let me be blunty and nicely repeat that it is this ecosystem's sole responsibility to shape the actions of the WG on what you see as priorities.  For example, the Youtube channel needs our attention.  How do you see this tool (and anything else Jakarta EE related) usage and value & scalation etc?   The Jakarta ecosystem must match the community's vision. For that to happen, everyone should speak up and come forward as she/he sees it fit. 

Expectation is that Jakartees understand that: If we wanted to keep and please everyone in this ecosystem, we wouldn't be working on OSS and dedicating time to Jakarta EE, instead we would be choosing to sell ice cream to make everyone happy. 
With that mentality we can decommission code, write new code, create a strong collaborative ecosystem that allows for failing in public and for accomplishing tasks that are valuable and have tracing via OSS tools. 

Thanks for choosing to be amazing.  

You could start the Youtube doc document using the Community drive folder here with Minimum requirements Jorge. That would be great. HERE 

On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 2:04 PM Jorge Alejandro Cajas <jac.mota@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Everyone.
I have some questions about how to contribute to the JakartaEE Youtube Channel.

1. Is there already a process defined to submit content to the JakartaEE Youtube Channel ?
We should have a quick guide of the process, so +1 to have a Marketing Repo as Amelia says. 

2. Is there a format or templates of how the videos should be structured before uploaded? 
I mean, videos of 15, 30, 45 minutes max, or a template to use in slides, etc.
Or some categories like quick guides, tutorials, interviews, event coverage, etc.
This will make the content a little bit more uniform and not just a bunch of random videos uploaded.

3. Who is going to review the content before uploading ?
For example, in the MicroProfile blog, there are some people that reviews the content before publishing to make sure that complies with all the rules and license requirements of the project.

4. Content for non english speakers?
I know that the primary language will be english, but would be great to include content in Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, etc. to be more inclusive and attract more contributors to the project.

Thanks for your attention, 

Jorge Cajas
+502 54754892

On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 2:23 PM Amelia Eiras <aeiras@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Friday Jakartees, 

Timing is excellent to enable this email. 

The Jakarta EE YouTube channel is now live and is ready for this ecosystem #ossDOERS to populate with valuable content. 
Today, I submitted the very first 2020 video nicely published by Mary G:
Thank you amazing #ossDOER Mary! :)
  • [YouTube Content Contribution] DevNexus 2020 Jakarta EE Interview by IBM & Tomitribe #759

Now, there is still not a Marketing repo under the Jakarta EE project, but we are pushing for it-- so stand by for further updates. 

Until the vision of a Mktg Repo becomes true, I will continue to use the Jakarta EE Website Repo and welcome any of you to do so as well. 

In 2018, we used the repo to push live the website you see today. currently the repo is used for anything website related including feedback on the Cmte minutes, etc. 
Please take this as a reminder that anyone in this list can help adjust the Jakarta EE website by submitting git issues & PRs.  It is that easy to contribute to the website improvements. 

Stay safe and lets push via public more exchanges that brings us together, 

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