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Re: [] Thoughts on JakartaEE

I think there can be slight confusion because you can still open issues in bugzilla and it still comes on top in search engine results (it will take a while for github to float to the top). It also appears that some projects have imported their old issues to github while some did not. But time will sort these things out eventually..

Best regards

On 9/23/19 8:19 PM, Ed Bratt wrote:


Thank you for your feedback. It is very much appreciated.

Just a clarification: the issues for all of the EE4J projects are kept with the relevant GitHub code repository, not in the project specific issue trackers at Eclipse. For example, GlassFish issues are at, NOT at

That said, I will be the first to admit there are plenty of long-standing issues that are certainly annoyances. I hope, with the governance structure that Eclipse provides, we can get greater participation from a broader community -- for the compatible implementations, as well as for the specification work.


-- Ed

On 9/23/2019 9:47 AM, cen wrote:

After reading a ton of mailing list material and blog posts I'd like to share some thoughts on JakartaEE.

I use a lot of JavaEE and MP daily and contribute to one of MP framework implementations.

The javax naming is very unfortunate but won't really be a big problem for us microservice users since we can update one service at a time. Other than refactoring costs I don't see anything problematic, I think application server users will have much more trouble.

MP was the best thing that happened to JavaEE because it allowed us to take the stable and mature modules from JavaEE and combine them with modern approaches that were missing in the spec. Seeing how successful MP has been so far, I wouldn't merge the projects but collaboration between projects to make specs more interop is welcome. Duplicating specs for roughly the same things would be the major fail.

I have mixed feelings about JakartaEE adding a ton of new features to attract new users. While some new features would be welcome, I see the core modules pretty feature complete. I am not sure people would switch massively to JakartaEE for any reason but I do know existing developers will probably stay if platform feels alive which was not the case for the past few years. As an existing user I am more concerned about the state of some important reference implementations with long standing bugs which are an annoyance in day-to-day work. Looking at - Eclipselink for example screams of abandonware although now that all projects are on github contributing is thankfully much easier. I already had some positive experience contributing to upstream RI so that's feels good.

Best regards, cen

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