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[jakarta.ee-community] Application as Jakarta EE mascot

Dear Jakarta EE Community,


my name is Jake and I want to apply as a professional mascot for Jakarta EE.


I was created by a professional artist. She did me as a rigged 3D mesh with realistic animated fur, so I can do morphed face poses and walk around, and she put me on GitHub under EPL-2.0 so you can use me for free.


Since I was born it was my dream to support Jakarta EE as the main actor of your video teasers, part of your logos, plush toy, sticker, or printed on a conference shirt. At the moment I only do temp jobs for my creator, and I am booked for the talks of Markus (I'm using his email address right now), but it would be so cool if you could book me for your talks and web sites, too.


If there will be an official mascot casting, I want to apply! I can sing and dance and I'm just cute.


You can find more information here: "Hello, I'm Jake" on Headcrashing Informatics.


Please contact my agent: Markus (markus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).


Have Fun!