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[iot-wg] Participate in the new Eclipse IoT internship program

Hi everyone.

This morning, during the Eclipse IoT community meeting, I presented our new internship program. Its goals are to produce high quality technical content and to assist our open source projects in their technical goals.

There are two types of internships:
  • Developer evangelist — To build demos showcasing Eclipse IoT technology and produce videos
  • Software engineering — To make contributions to one or several Eclipse open source projects
Software engineering internships are driven by development initiatives: a specific set of tasks meant to improve one or several of our open source projects. They are equivalent to Google summer of code projects.

There are two ways your organization can participate:
  1. By signing on as a sponsor — This helps finance the program. This is where your marketing teams can step in. 
  2. By submitting a development initiative — The IoT steering committee will decide which ones the interns will work on.
You can watch the recording of the call to learn more. The passcode is "&x0qfK95" (without the quotes).

You can access the slides here and the Google form to sign up as a sponsor or submit a development initiative proposal is here

I can organize calls If you need assistance to convince your marketing team or management to participate. Just ping me over email or Slack! 

You have until April 23, 2021 to submit your development initiative or confirm your participation as a sponsor. 

This program is breaking brand new ground at the Foundation. Help me and the Eclipse IoT steering committee make it a success!

Best Regards,


Program Manager, IoT and Edge Computing | Eclipse Foundation

Twitter: @BlueberryCoder

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