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[iot-wg] 2019 IoT Developer Survey - Results are Live! Thank You IoT WG!

Hi all,Â

I would like to thank you all for organizing the 2019 IoT Developer Survey. We all did a great job in organizing and promoting, therefore have great results. If you would like to promote the results from your side, please see below the promotional kit I assembled for you. Please letÂme know if you have any questions or need further materials.Â

IoT Developer Results:ÂReport
*let's push to ourÂhttps://iot.eclipse.org/iot-developer-surveys/Âsection of the website to give our audience the opportunity to see our past surveys and all things Eclipse IoT*

Blurb for newsletter inserts and an email blast:Â

We are proud to announce that ourÂ2019 IoT Developer Survey resultsÂare now available! In February & March 2019, theÂEclipse IoT Working GroupÂhas conducted its fifth annual IoT Developer Survey and 1,717 responses were received. Thank you all for contributing to this initiative and helping us gain insight into IoT developer communities worldwide! This yearly survey is intended for theÂEclipse FoundationÂto continuously learn key trends that are happening in this ever-changing world we call the Internet of Things.ÂRead theÂreportÂtoday!

Press Release:


Social for social networks:ÂHere is everything you need for socialÂmedia including Twitter tweets, LinkedIn posts, and Facebook posts.Âhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1HynpKKInKvTW8qW0YsVzXLJDJUJTC0DnaTiYmun98jQ/edit?usp=sharingÂ- I have attached this as a Word doc as well.Â

Images are attached in a zip file!Â

Thank you all!Â


Jameka Woodberry

EU & IoT Marketing Lead | Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH

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