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[iot-wg] Californium release 1.0.7 / bugfix for empty session id.

Hi Californians,

today we have released Californium 1.0.7 and published artifacts to Maven Central [1] and the Eclipse Release Repo [2].
Due to the staging process in Maven Central it might take some hours for the artifacts to be available (from Maven Central).

This is a bug-fix release only which, among others, addresses the bug, when empty dtls session ids are used.
The bug was discovered by the eclipse smarthome project. 
Users of Californium 1.0.x should be able to upgrade by simply replacing the 1.0.x artifacts with the corresponding 1.0.7 artifacts.

Please note:
New projects should consider to use the 2.0.x branch! 
Project using the 1.0.x branch, please note, that only bugs will be fixed and no features will be added.

Here's the Git changelog:

d56e86a1 Release 1.0.7
d2d3e31c Reset previous master secret, if resumption handshake ends up in full handshake.
d0eb0dab Update ciManagement.
1d803ec1 Update maven plugins.
f728aef6 Fix unit test warnings.
ffcebf05 Fix openjdk-11 covariant return types issues.
b25fad99 Use full-handshake for resumption with empty session id.
a7389e02 Fix NullPointerException, if ccs is processed before the SERVER_HELLO.
fcd2c144 Add java 1.7 comment.
d16d8d1b Update reference to new version to "2.0.0-M11".
2a122147 Fix old style logging and remove repeat test runner from test.
544f8ae7 Fix race condition with reordered notifications.
c1f2a3d1 Fix typo "alife" with "alive" and cleanup logging.
f8f06a89 Replace getLocalHost() by getLoopbackAddress().
06208444 Update most recent milestone to 2.0.0-M10.
73b0b236 Update demo certificates.
1b5bcc6a Make cipher threadlocal.
531fe523 Fix RequestTest.testSetURIRejectsUnsupportedScheme()
96c709c6 Bug_533258: Fix PSK identity oracle
feb570c5 tests to check UNKNOWN IDENTITY and BAD PSK are ignored in a same way
406df29e add UNKNOWN_PSK_IDENTITY alert code support
89f625c1 Use AES/NoPadding for android support.
850537d2 Redesign cipher implementation to improve performance and heap consumption.
f517fe55 Add JavaDoc.
cdfa3276 Change worker threads to daemon.
d35cdd04 Protect critical handshaker section.
37ebeca9 Update android app.
7e396504 Update readme and contribution.
37ee3c8d Fix skip test builds.
0c7070ec Add license as plain text and remove the html variants.
fbb4fcbb Use direct socket implementation for scandium.
cc64dede Change default for enableReuseAddress to false.
7f78d81d Move application handler call out of synchronized block.
a97baafb Multicast request: remove exchange only after multicastMaxLifeTime
9f63601d Harmonize logging of scandium with californium.
e5d712fe Fix order of session listener.
d9c44a37 Correct typos.
0d5d580d remove deduplication of ACK messages
8d102bbb Cleanup exchange.
b9ea524a Add assumption for no unintended message retransmission.
c3e94032 Fix effective endpoint for ping.
236cb48c Introduce MessageInterceptorAdapter for compact tests.
17c11542 [#371] Fix truncating of certificate chain.
299aff01 Limit DISCOVER search to 1 query.
b32dbc90 Issue #364: Don't increment counter twice while truncating trusted certs
4e8a3e3f Wait for empty client collections also.
ea7396e8 Relax timing waiting for empty collections.
1e7035fc Release 1.0.6


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Achim Kraus

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH | Stuttgarter Straße 130 | 71332 Waiblingen | GERMANY |

Sitz: Berlin, Registergericht: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg; HRB 148411 B 
Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender: Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Lücke; Geschäftsführung: Dr. Stefan Ferber, Michael Hahn, Dr. Aleksandar Mitrovic 

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