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[iot-wg] [ANNOUNCEMENT!] IoT Marketing Committee Officially Launched

Dear all,

We are proud to announce that the IoT Marketing Committee has been launched. Hooray!

The IoT Marketing Committee is intended for Working Group members to collaboratively grow the Eclipse IoT brand by developing co-marketing strategies, amplifying messaging on social channels, and sharing best practices.

If you are a marketing/branding/social media professional and/or have responsibility for external communication channels, WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to get involved.

The IoT Marketing Committee is currently comprised of the following representatives: 

Anita Bunk - Bosch Software Innovations
Alane Airosus - Red Hat
Lis Strenger - Red Hat
Vijay Raja - Cloudera
Pino Surace - Eurotech
Franco Potepan - Eurotech

We are looking forward to our great collaboration and first kick-off meeting this month and will meet on a monthly basis. 

Thank you!


Jameka Woodberry

EU & IoT Marketing Lead | Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH

Annastr. 46, D-64673 Zwingenberg

Handelsregister: Darmstadt HRB 92821

Managing Directors: Ralph Mueller, Mike Milinkovich, Chris Laroque

Follow me on: Twitter/LinkedIn

Mobile: +49 157 5 8389252

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