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Re: [iot-wg] Integrating Eclipse IoT projects

Hi Kai,

It's nice to see this call. We, at Aloxy, are currently moving towards a more secure, scalable, performant and future proof IoT backend application. We have a great interest in all Eclipse IoT projects, especially the ones for the backend since we already have device and gateway software which is really customized towards our application. We already started integrating and currently we have connected Eclipse Hono with Eclipse Ditto. Everything runs on OKD and enMasse is used as the messaging framework. We still have following challenges ahead:

  • Implement a production worthy auth service for Eclipse Hono.
  • Implement a production worthy device registry service for Eclipse Hono.
  • Implement a front-end to manage:
    • Tenants
    • Devices
    • Credentials
  • Create one place where everything is configured. Currently we have to configure a tenant in Eclipse Ditto as well as in Eclipse Hono (and afterwards maybe even in Kapua as well, although we probably won't use it if this is the case). It would be nice to have one configuration service/database. This would greatly reduce the configuration effort.

We didn't have a thorough look into Eclipse Kapua yet but maybe Eclipse Kapua help us tackling (some of) the described challenges.

We are happy to discuss this and test functionality if we can. We might even contribute depending on the occasion.

Kind regards,

Bob Claerhout
Software Developer

On 1/14/19 9:15 AM, Hudalla Kai (INST/ECS4) wrote:
Dear IoT Working Group members,

during the working group's meeting at last year's EclipseCon Europe in
Ludwigsburg, the Eclipse Kapua folks told us about the efforts of integrating
Eclipse Hono with Kapua in order to use Hono as an alternative to Kapua's default
device integration layer. During the meeting we agreed that it would be helpful
for users to better understand, which technologies/projects are related and could
be used together in order to implement certain use cases.

As part of this endeavor, we would like to continue our work on integrating Hono
with Kapua, but more importantly, we would also like to discover new
opportunities to create more value by integrating some of the (other) Eclipse IoT
projects with each other. This is where you come into play. Have you already
thought about trying to use one of the other Eclipse IoT projects with the
project you are involved in? Can you think about a "better together" scenario but
haven't found the time (or collaborators) to start the integration work yet? Then
it would be great if you could share your ideas with us on the mailing list.

Based on your feedback and ideas, we would like to set up a face-to-face "kick-
off" meeting for the next integration round (probably hosted by Bosch Software
Innovations in Berlin in March).

Looking forward to hearing your ideas :-)

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