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[iot-wg] [Announcement] Virtual IoT Meet Up - Fog Computing with Eclipse fogâ5

Dear all,

I pleased to announce our upcoming Virtual IoT Meet Up on the topic:ÂFog Computing with Eclipse fogâ5, featuring our speakers from Adlink, Angelo Corsaro and Gabriele Baldoni.Â

This webcast will introduce Eclipse fogâ5, motivate its architecture and building blocks as well as provide a demonstration of Eclipse fogâ5 provisioning applications that span from the cloud to the things.

Join us on Tuesday, November 20th atÂ8 AM Pacific Time (11 AM Eastern, 5 PM Central European Time).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.Â

Thank you!


Jameka Woodberry

Marketing Lead | Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH



Annastr. 46, D-64673 Zwingenberg

Manager: Thabang Mashologu

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