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Re: [iot-wg] Eclipse IoT integration map

Hi Achim,


my guess is, that Jens just copied this sentence directly from the Californium web page. ;)

Maybe you want to address your suggestions for improvement also to the person in charge of this content?





I like the proposal of Jens, it´s really nice! I do not quite get, how (“application”) projects (the columns) and “building block” projects (thee slices of columns) are distinguished? To we agree about such classification of projects? I am asking, because I cannot find this on the website, there is a different classification of projects into Devices, Gateways, Cloud, Tools, Ontologies, Standards, Security. Some are not classified at all.


This brings me to another question: Do we want to collect the data like project name, description, “connection to which other Eclipse IoT projects”, project type,  that make up the source for the graphic somewhere transparently in a structured manner? Like in a Google Sheet or maybe there is already another Data base we can use?


Reason why I bring this up is, that for the sake of completeness we would need to add a Vorto and Mosquitto integration for Ditto, too. And maybe there are other connections for Kura, Kapua and Hono, that are already implemented? I think, that just addressing this to Jens “on call” might work for a first version, but definitely won´t work over time.






- Caro



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Betreff: Re: [iot-wg] Eclipse IoT integration map


Hi Jens,


I’m not sure, why your map describes Californium as


Californium is a powerful

CoAP framework targetting

back-end services and

stronger Internet of Things

(IoT) devices. It provides a

convenient API for RESTful

Web services that support

all of CoAP's features.”


I feel, that this leads to misunderstandings.

Sure, though californium is in java, it’s not intended to run on smaller embedded devices.

But it’s intended to serve as backend for such smaller embedded systems, which then use

libcoap, erbium, or whatever is uses as embedded coap library.

So I would prefer to describe it as


Californium is a powerful

CoAP framework targetting

back-end services for small

Internet of Things (IoT) devices

using other embedded coap

implementations. It may also

be used on stronger (IoT)

devices. It provides a

convenient API for RESTful

Web services that support

all of CoAP's features.”


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Achim Kraus

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Subject: [iot-wg] Eclipse IoT integration map


Hi everyone,


as promised in this week's IoT WG call, here is the updated design proposal for the Eclipse IoT integration map. The major change here is the addition of Eclipse Ditto.


The plan is to create an interactive web page out of this design proposal, showing how Eclipse IoT projects integrate witch each other. Showing "building block" projects (like Paho, Milo, …) as well as "application" projects (Like Kura, Hono, …).


My goal is to transform this PDF into an interactive web page, using SVG as a basis. So that we can still print this or put it on a presentation. I will create and share a Git repository once I have start. So that Eclipse can take over, host this, and we can extend this over time. People could then create a PR if they want to get added to that map.


My proposal would be that the requirements for getting listed on this map are:

1) It is an Eclipse IoT project

2) It connects to at least one other Eclipse IoT project

3) There is at least one web page that can be linked to which describes _how_ to connect


As an example:


Ditto - Hono: Both projects are Eclipse IoT projects. The following documents the connectivity between each other


I will really try to get this done before EclipseCon Europe. And I will send an update once I have the initial version going.







Jens Reimann
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