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[iot-wg] New project proposal: Eclipse Keyple


We have a really cool new project proposal that I thought you would be interested in hearing about. 

Eclipse Keyple will allow developers to easily implement fast and secure off-line contactless transactions (using NFC cards, mobile phones, …) based on the Calypso standard, which represents 20% of the world market of contactless smart ticketing in 25 countries and 125 cities.
More specifically, Keyple is a set of open source libraries that will initially be available in Java and C++ aimed at being compatible with any terminal architecture: mobile, embedded or server ; and interoperable with any smart card reader solution: standard or proprietary, local or remote.

I think Keyple will be a great opportunity to tap into smart city, public transportation, etc. use cases, and it will be interesting to see how the project can interact with the rest of the Eclipse IoT technology portfolio.

As always, please use the project proposal page [] to express your interest in the project or to add any questions/comments you may have.
We will be having a presentation of the project during the next WG call on Tuesday 3.

Benjamin -

Benjamin Cabé
IoT Program Manager

Eclipse Foundation
+33 (0) 619196101

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