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[iot-pmc] Committer Election for Mattia Dal Ben on Eclipse Kura™ has started

A committer election for Mattia Dal Ben on project Eclipse Kura™ (iot.kura)
was started by Matteo Maiero with this criteria:

Mattia Dal Ben recently started contributing to the Eclipse Kura™ team and
has already made an impact on the project.

Mattia made a great contribution to the following project areas:
     * Contributed to the design of the Kura Edge AI APIs
     * Contributed to the implementation of the Kura AI Wire Component
     * Contributed to the Nvidia Triton server integration and extended model
     * Contributed to the new Eclipse Kura documentation
     * Introduced to the project workflow automation and good practices
     * Many bug fixes

They have addressed the following bugs:
- 4223 docs: add \"Tutorials\" section with new Edge AI Anomaly Detection
tutorial [backport docs-release-5.2]
- 4222 refactor(deployment.agent): add writeConfigurationFile method
- 4214 docs(examples): add note about error when running training script
- 4209 fix: failing Ubi8-based Docker image build on maintenance branch
- 4208 fix: failing Ubi8-based Docker image build
- 4207 docs: add \"Tutorials\" section with new Edge AI Anomaly Detection
- 4193 docs: add note about Eclipse Temurin support and install instructions
- 4190 feat: add Temurin JDK as alternative JVM in .deb dependencies
- 4182 docs: move Apache Camel section under Cloud Platforms
- 4180 ci: add Backport and Lint PR Github actions
- 4179 docs: fix broken link in Apache Camel section
- 4174 chore: fix Oomph installer Sonarlint plugin repo url
- 4166 docs: add \"Quality Assurance\" section
- 4164 docs: add \"Apache Camel Integration\" section
- 4163 docs: add \"Connect Field Device\" section
- 4161 docs: add \"Cloud Platform Connection\" section
- 4157 docs: add \"Administration\" section
- 4156 docs: add \"Cloud Connection API and Usage\" section
- 4155 docs: add simple build instructions
- 4154 docs: add updated \"Getting Started\" section
- 4151 docs: minor styling improvements
- 4150 chore: update Kura 5.2.0 release notes
- 4146 docs: add README with documentation build instructions
- 4140 ci: fix backport job permissions for forks
- 4132 chore: updated Kura 5.2.0 release notes
- 4129 docs(ai.triton.server): add note about supported version for Jetson
- 4107 docs: add Container Triton Server Service component docs
- 4106 feat(ai.triton.server): add Container Triton Server Service component
- 4104 refactor(ai.triton.server): add TritonServerContainerManager
- 4102 refactor(ai.triton.server): add new options required by Containerized
- 4101 build(ai.triton.server): import
- 4092 fix(container.provider): fix bug where container ports were not
- 4091 chore(wire.component.provider): add /lib folder to .gitignore
- 4087 fix(container.orchestrator): fix spelling
- 4086 fix(container.provider): log stacktraces for all caught exceptions
- 4082 refactor(ai.triton.server): add Triton internal package
- 4076 feat(ai.triton.server): add Native Triton Server Service component
- 4075 refactor(ai.triton.server): deprecate TritonServerService
- 4074 docs: Triton Server Service update with new components and deprecation
- 4070 feat(ai.triton.server): add Remote Triton Server Service component
- 4068 refactor(ai.triton.server): remove app logic from
- 4064 refactor(ai.triton.server): add TritonServerServiceAbs abstract class
- 4061 ci: rename Github Action step
- 4058 refactor(ai.triton.server): add TritonServerServiceAbs abstract class
- 4050 docs: improved `refactor` commit type description
- 4048 ci: add missing `uptick_snapshot_to_patch_release` configuration
- 4037 ci: fix error in retrieving project version for automation workflows
- 4023 ci: fix backport action PR titles
- 4020 docs(ai.triton.server): add docs for \"timeout\" parameter
- 4017 feat(ai.triton.server): expose \"timeout\" parameter for long running
- 4013 ci: add version uptick automation workflow
- 4011 ci: add release notes generation workflow
- 4008 fix(ai.triton.server): resolved failed startup on configuration update
with loaded models
- 4004 refactor(ai.triton.server): use protobuf from target platform
- 4000 ci: add PR title validation workflow
- 3996 docs(triton): update docs reflecting Triton UI form reordering
- 3995 refactor(ai.triton.server): reorder Triton configuration form
- 3992 docs(triton): remove icons
- 3990 docs: add Triton Inference Server documentation
- 3989 docs: update PR template with note about new convention
- 3988 docs: document PR title convention
- 3986 feat(ai.triton.server): Add Model Encryption support for Triton Server
- 3980 refactor(ai.triton): remove model load from Triton server startup
- 3978 fix(ai.triton): wait for engine to be ready before loading models
- 3976 fix(ai.triton): avoid shutting down local Triton container if config
set as remote
- 3943 Removed unnecessary disable of `systemd-timedated` upon installation
- 3916 Fix Kura log rotation
- 3901 Force ipv4 in gpsd.socket on Jetson Nano
- 3899 Kura build docs
- 3888 [Backport release-5.1.0] Improved disable of NTP server request for
DHCP client (#3880)
- 3880 Improved disable of NTP server request for DHCP client
- 3867 Preventing systemd-tmpfiles cleanup
- 3862 Fixed forgotten comma in Jetson Nano control file
- 3861 Fixed mixing DHCP ntp options and system specific configuration
- 3857 DHCP server lease database fix on Jetson Nano
- 3853 Update release notes for Kura 5.1.0
- 3850 Kura installers alignment for Ubuntu profiles
- 3846 Update default configuration for the command service Jetson Nano
- 3831 Disabled time synch services after Kura installation
- 3829 Rasbperry Ubuntu 20 profile 64 bit support note
- 3828 Disable net management services on Jetson Nano during Kura
- 3827 NVIDIA Jetson Nano installation instructions
- 3824 feat(examples): add AI Wire Component Sense-Hat demo
- 3814 AI Wire Component unit test
- 3742 Minor README docs improvements

For these reasons and the long-term outlook for their involvement on the
team, it is my pleasure to propose Mattia Dal Ben as a committer
on Eclipse Kura™.

Eclipse Kura™ project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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