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Re: [incubation] I18n for feature.xml/plugin.xml

Hi Christian,

You have a lot of questions in this message :)

I would say that internationalization (aka i18n) is important quality mark for a source code. However, localization (that brings the real value for a user) is a separate effort, whatever with the help of Babel or without it.

As for i18n for specific attributes like vendor, license, copyrights and so on. I think the i18n should be done to provide a hook for local legal names and formulations. For EPL-2.0 license in particular things are a bit easier since we can specify "license-feature" attribute to reuse standard content with two steps:

1) add to target 2) declare attribute


25.11.2020 10:29, Christian Pontesegger пишет:
I have in mind that one requirement of project graduation is I18N
support. Tried to find that in the handbook, but failed. So first
question: is there a list of requirements on the code and its
functionalities regarding graduation?

2nd: I see that I18N is used for feature.xml and plugin.xml for fields
* vendor
* license
* copyright

Do we really need this? Does Babel really translate the license terms
or copyright messages? The vendor will quite likely also stay the same.

thanks for clarification

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