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Re: [incubation] type A vs type B CQs and projects

Hi Jeen. 

There is some increased risk associated with the Type A due diligence. I'll point out, though, that the IP Team has already looked at different versions of most of the third party content that your project is using, so the real increase in risk is pretty small.

Note that it is possible (desirable, even) for a project to engage in some number of "Type A"  releases and then ask the IP Team to engage in Type B reviews on licensed certified CQs to engage in a "Type B" release. That is, you can switch the type of due diligence from release to release. If you're going to do this, it's a really good idea to engage the IP Team early to let them know what you're planning.


On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 7:36 PM, Jeen Broekstra <jeen.broekstra@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I need some general advice on type A vs type B CQs and releases, and how projects can make use of these types.

I understand (from the project handbook) that the difference is that type A is restricted to a license compatibility check while type B is a full due diligence on the source code. If a project's release contains type A-certified dependencies, that release should be advertised as a type-A release.

Previously we have always done full type-B releases of our framework. However, we're currently in the middle of prepping a new minor release of our project and we've managed to skip/forget logging CQs for a number of our (transitive) dependencies. To minimize the risk of missing the release deadline, I wonder if I should log the remaining CQs as type A so they get approved more quickly, and make it a type-A release as well. Apart from the fact that it gives a less strong legal guarantee to our end users, are there any downsides to this that I should be aware of?



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