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[incubation] installing Nvidia's CUDA libraries on OpenJ9 CI machines


The OpenJ9 project has a special kind of licensing question that we're not quite sure how to deal with.

The OpenJ9 JVM can build into itself support for using GPU processors via Nvidia's CUDA libraries, but in order to do that, the CUDA toolkit needs to be installed on the machine used to build OpenJ9 and then we configure OpenJ9's build to include certain header files. OpenJ9 does not absorb anything meaningful (i.e. no source code is built into OpenJ9) from the CUDA header files but there is an End User License Agreement for the toolkit and runtime that requires agreement to some terms in order to be installed anywhere.

We want to build and test this functionality, so we want to have the library installed on the CI machines where we test our pull requests before merging them. Of course, we also want to be able to actually then run Java workloads using the GPU functionality on those machines so that we can quickly discover any problems being introduced into our GPU support code.

For reference, here's a link to this EULA:

Our project does not distribute binaries (because OpenJ9 can only be built as a part of OpenJDK, so it's actually the AdoptOpenJDK community that builds OpenJDK with OpenJ9 binaries) and we're not "distributing" any part of the CUDA library, so I didn't think a CQ would be appropriate, though I'm happy to file one if that's the right way forward.

I'm also not really sure who would be the one entering into this agreement on behalf of the OpenJ9 project. Would it be one of the project leads? The foundation?

Thanks for any help!

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IBM Runtime Technologies Canada

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