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Re: [incubation] Embeded Youtube videos and GDPR

Hi again,


There also is a solution I forgot to mention: hosting the video elsewhere; and therefore knowing what hosting services are approved would be a boon too ;)





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Objet : [PROVENANCE INTERNET] [incubation] TR: Embeded Youtube videos and GDPR


Hi Everyone,


I would have liked to know if any of you use this and if there is a way to deal with the cookies problems introduced with this web page design and where I could find it.

Having browsed the internets I saw:

-          The ‘-nocookie’ addition to the url, but am not really that convinced this would do the trick

-          Adding an overlay to the video explicitly asking the user their consent about using the youtube services/cookies, but this would make it a bit ugly

-          The traditional header warning that the site requires cookies, which is about the same as the second solution (albeit a bit less horrible)


Do any of you were confronted to this issue ?





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