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Re: [incubation] Fast releasing projects

On 2018-04-01 1:59 PM, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
I have been an active committer/lead on Eclipse projects since 2004 and the way eclipse projects are
supposed to be run has not changed too much since then. You can compare 2008 EDP [3] and see for yourself.
And every time a project tries to adopt practices that is different from EDP,  we end up with a discussion
around how to patch the day to day practice and do very little on EDP itself.
I agree, that last larger revision to the EDP is quite some time ago. However, we spent quite some time reviewing and discussing it at the AC. I believe back then a significant change was the elimination of sub-projects to simplify organization. It's about time to look at a new major revision, which will happen. It's not an easy thing, though. Someone has to do the work and I believe that the EF folks are pretty hands down with the EE4J on boarding. This the AC's role to provide input to and define the EDP becomes more important. Looking forward to your input to that! :)


I would like to echo what Gunnar says here. It's time to do another significant overhaul of the Eclipse Development Process. So please help contribute to that.

Mike Milinkovich
(m) +1.613.220.3223

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