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Re: [incubation] Fast releasing projects

On 29 Mar 2018, at 3:20, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:

On Mar 28, 2018, at 16:44, Gorkem Ercan <gorkem.ercan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hmm I was not aware that a project can choose Type A/B per release? Is this documented anywhere?

It is explicitly mentioned here:

A project team can decide what level of IP Due Diligence they require for each release. Hypothetically, a project team could opt to make several Type A releases followed by a Type B release, and then switch back. I can foresee this being something that project teams that need to engage in short release cycles will do.

This is may probably be the issue.

Every time I rise up such project management issues, I hear from board or council members that it should not be a problem and because they have approved such and that. However I do not think much of that is trickling down to the projects because information such as these are captured on blogs, bugzillas and not on the handbook [1]
or EDP [2].

I have been an active committer/lead on Eclipse projects since 2004 and the way eclipse projects are supposed to be run has not changed too much since then. You can compare 2008 EDP [3] and see for yourself. And every time a project tries to adopt practices that is different from EDP, we end up with a discussion around how to patch the day to day practice and do very little on EDP itself.



Gunnar Wagenknecht

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