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Re: [incubation] Adding dependencies -- abbreviated instructions

Hi David,

Comments below...



Am 14.03.2016 um 20:21 schrieb David Smiley:

Adding dependencies (3rd party JARs), in my experience, is a relatively frequent event. If not for my project, I certainly imagine so for others. Has someone worked out a simplified set of instructions on some web URL I cant point our committers at? I expressly want to avoid excessive information (and thus confusion) about "contributions" of all kinds; instead I just want the essentials specifically for dependencies on 3rd party open-source JARs.

Very loosely, the steps I am aware of are:
* Go to IP Zilla and see if there is an existing CQ for the library.
Better go to the portal: , click on the project you lead, under "IP Policy" try [use] and optionally [request] (if no CQ already exists).

Does the version matter?
And if I do find one then what?
Follow the [use] case (see above).

* If there is no existing IP Zilla entry then file a new CQ.
Follow the [request] case (see above).

* Email the PMC (for me/Spatial4j that would be the Locationtech PMC) to indicate that the project requests a dependency, that it's either "works-with" or "prerequesite" (indicate) and other aspects of the dependency of interest (license), and to humbly ask that another PMC member "+1" the CQ. As an aside -- I think this step ought to be eliminated for certain categories of licenses! Lets stop wasting people's time on both sides.
I'll bring the topic up on the next Architecture Council call. Can you please elaborate on the "certain categories of licenses" part of your suggestion?

Is this necessary at all for a "test" dependency (i.e. JUnit, Mockito, or whatever)?

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