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[incubation] Adding dependencies -- abbreviated instructions


Adding dependencies (3rd party JARs), in my experience, is a relatively frequent event.  If not for my project, I certainly imagine so for others.  Has someone worked out a simplified set of instructions on some web URL I cant point our committers at?  I expressly want to avoid excessive information (and thus confusion) about "contributions" of all kinds; instead I just want the essentials specifically for dependencies on 3rd party open-source JARs.

Very loosely, the steps I am aware of are:
* Go to IP Zilla and see if there is an existing CQ for the library.  Does the version matter?  And if I do find one then what?
* If there is no existing IP Zilla entry then file a new CQ.
* Email the PMC (for me/Spatial4j that would be the Locationtech PMC) to indicate that the project requests a dependency, that it's either "works-with" or "prerequesite" (indicate) and other aspects of the dependency of interest (license), and to humbly ask that another PMC member "+1" the CQ.  As an aside -- I think this step ought to be eliminated for certain categories of licenses!  Lets stop wasting people's time on both sides.

Is this necessary at all for a "test" dependency (i.e. JUnit, Mockito, or whatever)?

I know I've done some of this before but every time I do I'm unsure of myself in my approach because I haven't seen the steps distilled.  That's what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance,

~ David
Lucene/Solr Search Committer, Consultant, Developer, Author, Speaker

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