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Re: [incubation] (no subject)

Am 17.02.2016 um 18:03 schrieb Henrik Rentz-Reichert:
RE: [incubation] (no subject)

Hi Christoph Daniel,

the nightly build on our eTrice HIPP [1] is configured as readable by anonymous. If you login with your Eclipse credentials you should be able to access it.

The last build step is a shell execution and does the promotion to our download area.

That probably means that your build server has write access to your downloads area. I've heard that this can be dangerous in combination with your Gerrit verification job. The build script or the tests could be modified in any way and be executed before you get a chance to review the changes. I wish there was a central promotion service which would run under a different user id and decouple the build process from access to the downloads area.



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