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Re: [incubation] (no subject)

Title: RE: [incubation] (no subject)

Hi Christoph Daniel,

the nightly build on our eTrice HIPP  [1] is configured as readable by anonymous. If you login with your Eclipse credentials you should be able to access it.

The last build step is a shell execution and does the promotion to our download area.
I guess it is fairly simple.

Hope that helps,


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Hi everyone,

I'm having a bit of a hard time with our HIPP instance. Our automatic builds are working beautifully, but I haven't seen many details in the documentation on how to actually publish the artifacts to the downloads area.

I tried looking at other Hudson configurations, but most are -- rightly so -- not accessible to me, and the remaining ones I looked at are often much more complex than what we currently require.

Here's what I've gathered so far:

- We should publish nightly builds to a descendant of /shared. Am I free to choose the exact directory I put it in? As in, can I just copy our artifacts to /shared/elk/nightly and link to or are there any other rules I'm not aware of?

- Where is the long term storage mounted on our HIPP instance, and what is the mapping to URLs we should link to?

It would be nice if the Hudson Wiki page could go into more detail on these questions. :)

 Christoph Daniel

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