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Re: [ide-dev] [eclipse-ide-wg]

On Sat, Jun 18, 2022 at 7:27 PM Jonah Graham <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The goal of the website hasn't changed, it is very new, and it is the renamed website, which is why it is wg heavy.
The release subdir is the migrated

OK, sorry for the incorrect understanding here. I indeed mixed up both sites.
Thanks for the feedback and the link to the tweet. Perhaps you can share some of this information and as the website is improved promote some of those improvements. 

The main expectation would be that is the home/main page of the Eclipse IDE, not of the working group. The main page would basically mainly show a product description, the download links, news or access to some documentation/tutorials similarly to most software pages. Then the working group could be a subsection, eg

My 2c.

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