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Re: [ide-dev] New vscode light theme for eclipse


On 30.05.22 09:33, Mickael Istria wrote:
Thanks Gayan,

I've evolved my local workbench to look a bit more like the one you suggested, hiding toolbars, making it fullscreen by default... So far so good.
Maybe it's the kind of refreshment we need for the IDE to look much leaner without really changing anything: shipping a different default layout, without toolbar, moving the run and perspective someplace else...? We could even make it default in the SDK as long as it's not breaking any form of functionality/extensibility (sure it's disruptive, but not worse and also not too hard for users to restore to previous state).

I'm all for improvements in theming. For example, I'm currently using Darkest Dark and was previously using Eclipse Color Themes which is unfortunately defunct.

Please don't change layouts or theming for existing installations. Why not use a hint or a popup à la "Try out the new theme by clicking here"?

Kind regards,

Erik Brangs

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