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[ide-dev] Article highlighting strengths of Eclipse IDE over IJ

Hi all,

Once in a while, it's cool to read some positive feedback about Eclipse IDE, and realize what users do perceive as strengths of our favorite IDE over competitors.
Here is a set: https://techblog.bozho.net/still-prefer-eclipse-intellij-idea/ .

This article blog post was dispatched on various sites (dzone, java code geek...) and the various "copies" are still widely spread on Twitter. So it has some good visibility, and it's nice to see users having so much efficiency at spreading so well good messages about Eclipse IDE.

The actual reasons are quite interesting. While some (Auto-Build, Multi-project workspace...) are very good design decisions taken early in the design of the IDE, and some others (Search in Console) are very good features that are also old ones, I'd like to emphasize the it seems to this user that *Eclipse IDE comsumes less memory and is more reactive than IJ*. And this is a kind of new-ish comment: a couple of years ago, people were claiming they left Eclipse IDE because of resource consumption and various freezes! A few similar comments can be found on Twitter from time to time (people missing good old Eclipse IDE + ADT which was performing better and Android Studio). If more and more users have this feeling of Eclipse IDE performing better than IJ, I believe that it would be an important positive step if the perception of Eclipse IDE on this market.
So for this one, I think we can congratulate all contributors for their efforts regarding performance; and more particularly, a special congrats to everyone involved in the set up of AERI which allowed to easily detect and fix many bugs or code-freezes in the last year. Comments about Eclipse IDE being more reactive are IMO a direct consequence of setting up AERI and UI-Freeze monitoring. So big thanks to the ones who actually made it happen!

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, at Red Hat Developers community
Elected Committer Representative at the Eclipse Foundation board of directors