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Re: [ide-dev] Strong progress in April for @EclipseJavaIDE

Hi Sopot,

Thanks for sharing those numbers and for driving and monitoring this great initiative.

To the list of actions that might affect the followers and impression metrics, I'd like to add that I've started to put "likes" with the @EclipseJavaIDE on tweets from external people which share "positive" resources or messages about the Eclipse IDE. I don't know the actual effect of doing that, but I think it's semantically correct to put a like from the IDE when people say good things about it.
I'm monitoring the following request to find interesting tweets to like (or answer to, with my personal account usually): `eclipse (ide OR java OR intellij OR netbeans OR _javascript_ OR js OR code OR dev OR vscode OR netbeans OR features OR neon OR maven OR gradle OR node OR npm OR bower OR gulp OR grunt)`