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[ide-dev] Propose marketplace solutions for missing natures

Hi all,

The Marketplace Client has just integrated support to detect missing natures used by new projects and to propose available marketplace solutions if some are available. See

Similarly to how discovery of file types support is implemented, it runs a specific search on marketplace to find appropriate solutions to satisfy a missing nature. More precisely, it expects the solutions defining a nature to add a `nature_<>` tag.
The only real-life example declaring such tag on their marketplace extension so far is JDT.

We need to get this list raising to deliver higher value to end-users.
So first, if you're the owner of a marketplace solution defining a nature, please add the `nature_<>` tag.
Then, could we prepare a general mailing to all marketplace contributors like it was done for the `fileExtension_...` tag and discovery? What's the best way to collaborate on that? A dedicated bug?

Thanks in advance
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer for Red Hat Developers
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