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[ide-dev] Having to log in to the IDE?

Why do I have to log in, before I can use my (desktop) IDE?

Here's what I see:

- I live on Linux where Eclipse's secure storage is not backed by any domain login,
but requires manually entering the password.

- I install Eclipse for simrel via Oomph.

- First thing Eclipse asks me before even doing anything is to enter my password
for secure storage.

I don't like this for several reasons:

- I tend to use a good password for secure storage, so having to type in the
password is a real disruption. I have to concentrate on s.t. that is not my main
focus of work.

- That dialog doesn't give the faintest hint as to *why* my password is required,
maybe fraud?

- Even considering the specific purpose of the setup for Simrel contribution,
I cannot think of any reason why my password should be required.

I would be *a lot happier* with the Eclipse IDE if some or all of the following would change:

- No password dialog without specifying a reason

- No password dialog from background jobs, ever.

- No component requesting access to secure storage in an Oomph setup where this isn't needed.

Is it just me? How do others feel about this?

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