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Re: [ide-dev] Java IDEs comparison

I do realize that there are issues and we have quite some challenges in the IDE market but let's not become too melodramatic over a fatalistic guy whose last 20 blog posts are mostly about something dying :

- The Fall of Eclipse -  September 13th 2016
- Why Vesper really failed -  August 24th 2016
- Why IGN is dying -  July 6th 2016
- GitHub is eating Jira -  June 27th 2016
- Facebook's News Feed is dying -  May 23rd 2016
- Scala is not dead, but... -  March 10th 2016 (<- notice the pure click-bait style..)
- SourceTree: Atlassian's most epic engineering fail - February 17th 2016


The mass IBM exodus which took away basically the most experienced (and most of e4 original designers) Platform UI/runtime developers at that time (e4 finalization and shortly after release) was painful and it takes time to regenerate experience from our new committer base, unfortunately. We're doing our best in the meantime and we'll try to manage.

The good news is that we have a more diverse committer base which is 'skilling up' so it will get better. Keep the suggestions coming but let's not weep in despair over the monthly rant of this guy.

The more valuable, although not new, concerns I read here require as a definite prerequisite a more centralized decision model as there is a need for cross-project cooperation and focus. This was effectively the case in the times when IBM had the vast majority of committers but now, with the much bigger diversity, we risk losing a unified vision of where we're taking Eclipse. I'd like to see more power to the PMCs or some similar concept in this regard (maybe even linux kernel style). I plan to add this discussion to the Platform summit we're having in Ludwigsburg in October so I hear what other committers think.


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> Onderwerp: Re: [ide-dev] Java IDEs comparison
> On 09/14/2016 12:31 AM, Patrik Suzzi wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just read a post entitled "The fall of Eclipse" -
> .
> Back to the troll, here is a Reddit discussion on this topic:
> with a nice bashing of the stats and conclusion of the blog post, and an
> interesting link to another survery:
> Reading the comments, many mention the workspace as an issue. They don't
> complain with the concept of IntelliJ "projects" which is equivalent.
> What's usually blamed is that preferences are not stored globally. Oomph
> preference recorder already has it fixed, right?
> I also believe that the old habit of using multiple workspaces is something
> that confuses users and hide the power of Eclipse. Keeping a single
> workspace is often simpler, and you really can have hundreds of projects
> open simultaneously for different languages. What could we do to "educate"
> existing users to not care about workspaces and always work in the same one?
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