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Re: [ide-dev] Blog Comments

Sadly I can only agree with his statement.
Since we don't seem to be too good at identifying where we suck, and we don't really use the other IDEs, I suggest that we use of FoE money to do a gap analysis of Eclipse and other IDEs:

On 9/19/2016 10:26 AM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
Hey gang,

In case you missed it on the Planet, I blogged about the discussions we’ve been having. Comments are starting to come in from Eclipse users. It’s a great place to connect with them.

The one from @jillesvangurp is interesting. He isn’t noticing much the differences between releases despite all the great effort of the Platform UI team. I think it highlights something I think we all need to realize. At this point, the issues users are facing have much more to do with the language plug-ins than they do with the Platform. Java content assist comes from JDT, Android tooling comes from Andmore, C++ tooling comes from CDT, etc. My sense is that these projects need a lot more love if we really want to make a difference for users.


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